Hey! It's been a while since we spoke, but I just wanted to let you know about some exciting moves here at BITCOIN INSIDER.

As promised, we just donated a significant portion of our total revenue (not just profits) from the Bitcoin Insider masterclass to helping save children's lives from malaria, one of the worst (and most easily fixed) causes of child mortality in the developing world.

After researching this and deliberating at length, we made the donation to Malaria Consortium. Malaria Consortium is the current number-one ranked global charity by the effective altruism site GiveWell, which uses data and analytics in order to determine how to make the absolute maximum use of charity dollars in doing real and tangible good in the world. The donation was earmarked specifically for their seasonal malaria chemoprevention program only, meaning that all of the funds will go towards providing medicine that will help treat and halt the spread of the disease in Africa.

I want to take a moment to briefly address why the donation was made to Malaria Consortium, rather than Against Malaria Foundation, as is advertised on the Bitcoin Insider course page. That's because I believe these small distinctions truly matter, AND because I take very, very seriously that purchases of Bitcoin Insider were made with the promise that a portion would be donated specifically to Against Malaria Foundation.

When I created Bitcoin Insider, Against Malaria Foundation was widely celebrated as the most effective way to spend charity, because of their strategy of using funds to purchase ultra-cheap chemically treated mosquito nets in bulk in order to prevent children from being bitten by mosquitoes and contracting malaria in the first place.

Unfortunately, data has since emerged that many of these donated nets are instead being used for fishing. This not only means that in some cases they do not actually prevent malaria, but also that they are causing long-term poisoning of rivers and depleting local fish stocks when the chemical treatments from the nets leech into the water. This is a disastrous side effect of a good idea, and has been reported on by the Guardian among many others.

I will point out, however, that the extent that nets are being used for fishing may have been overblown by the media vs. how many are being used for their intended purpose, and that this by no means should be taken to mean that Against Malaria Foundation is a bad charity—far from it. They are still considered one of the pound-for-pound most effective charities in the world, and are likely working hard to address this issue.

But in the meantime, I felt that you and I would have a clearer conscience if the money from Bitcoin Insider was used for different methods of treating the exact same crisis, without the lingering fear that it might have contributed to creating new problems. In this case, I decided that directing the donations to support the medical treatments provided by Malaria Consortium would be just as effective, without the potential downside. Every penny earmarked for fighting malaria has now been sent to Malaria Consortium, and this charity will continue to be the beneficiary of all future subscribers to the Bitcoin Insider course.

Now, that might have been way too much information, but I feel that it's important to let my subscribers know the details of my logic and of how their donations are being spent.

IN THE MEANTIME, as I'm sure you're aware, the cryptocurrency markets have been stagnant for quite some time. In some ways, I'm glad the hype cycle around crypto has died down, so that the real worth of these technologies can begin to come to the fore, unfettered by the usual fear-and-greed cycle. While I would certainly not recommend rampant crypto speculation to the general public, for the smart and wise investor, this MAY be a very good time to make a few speculative bets on Bitcoin and maybe a few other cryptos—I'm even wondering (though, of course, nobody knows for sure) if we might not begin to see another steady and significant push upwards in the coming three to eighteen months.

If you've been waiting on the sidelines, this might be a very, very good time to do some informational scouting and start getting a sense of the markets again.

Of course, there's no better way to do that then getting educated. And Bitcoin Insider—my masterclass on Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency, which is the best possible way to get educated fast, and which will give you everything you need to know to use, buy, sell, trade and prosper from blockchain technology—is still going as strong as ever. Check it out below.

I'll see you in class!!

– Jason

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