6 Reasons to Become a Bitcoin Insider (Before You Miss the Bus)

Blockchain technology—meaning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and lots more—is transforming the planet.

6 Reasons to Become a Bitcoin Insider (Before You Miss the Bus)

Blockchain technology—meaning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and lots more—is transforming the planet.

It's easy to see why: Not only does it bear the potential to completely change the entire economic system, it also holds the potential to produce unpredecented amounts of wealth for the people pursuing wise strategies to capitalize on its growth.

The time to immerse yourself in understanding Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain is NOW. We're just at the beginning of this revolution—one that will change our world as much as the Internet did! You might be an individual interested in pursuing investment opportunities with the aid of a registered financial professional. You might be somebody who's interested in harnessing the power of the blockchain to transform your existing business—or even to start a completely new one! You might simply be curious, and want to make sure you're not left out of the greatest financial revolution of our time.

Whatever your level of interest, opportunity is knocking—right now. Here's six reasons why now is the time to start educating yourself on Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and making moves to get into the game:

1. Bitcoin is Transforming the Global Economy

Bitcoin is a completely new form of money. It doesn't require banks or third parties to operate. It's global. It can be used to transact anywhere in the world, at any time—24/7. It's completely digital, and nobody controls it.

That means that Bitcoin is a truly 21st century form of money—potentially the most important financial innovation that will occur in our lifetime.

And what that really means is that we're not just seeing some novel form of online payment—we're seeing the beginnings of an upgrade for the entire economy. Bitcoin is a truly innovative technology, and it's just the beginning—the invention of Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology that powers it, was a spark that will ignite a global revolution, transforming nearly every aspect of how we do business and transact value on this planet.

Think about it like the Internet. When people first started getting the Internet on their home computers, a lot of people dismissed it. They said it was a novelty, that nobody would evvvver use the Internet to buy things, and that it would certainly never be a threat to brick-and-mortar businesses.

Two decades later, guess what happened? All those brick-and-mortar businesses are going out of business... while a little company called Amazon that made a bet that online shopping was the wave of the future now owns the retail sector.

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain are exactly the same. Right now—even as Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are going stratospheric in value—people are still saying it's a "fad."

In five, ten, twenty years—that "fad" could have completely replaced the global economy, and a lot more.

And you know what the great news is? You're in on the ground floor. This isn't the end—this is the beginning. The opportunity is now, for those who know how to seize it.

2. Some People Are Making Incredible Gains

By now, it's no secret. Some people have been making a fortune on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like it.

2017 saw some absolutely amazing price moves in the crypto space. Let's break down the major ones:

Bitcoin jumped more than 1900%.

Ethereum climbed over 5000%.

Litecoin jumped over 8800%.

Beat that on the stock market.


And that's just a few of the over 1300—and counting—cryptocurrencies. And by the way, these cryptocurrencies could be small time compared to the blockchain technologies that could knock them off the map in the coming years. You haven't missed anything—this is only the beginning of a completely new asset class.

Of course, nothing is certain—anything could happen, and usually does happen, in the unbelievably volatile cryptocurrency space. Make sure to speak to a registered financial professional before making any investments.

3. Bitcoin is Only the Beginning—We're On the Verge of Mass Adoption

2017 was truly the year that Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency broke into mainstream awareness.

The media went into overdrive with stories about the massive rise in the price of Bitcoin. Everybody suddenly had an opinion. A lot of people felt like they'd missed out.

But this is truly only the beginning. Not just for Bitcoin, but for the entire sector of cryptocurrency. Over the coming years, more and more people will enter the cryptocurrency markets. That means better funding for financial services that serve the cryptocurrency world. It means higher quality exchanges, and (most importantly) better market liquidity. The crypto markets have a long, long way to go before they reach maturity—and that's going to be a very exciting ride.

And of course, the markets are only one part of the mass adoption of blockchain. The other is the technology itself, and the massive business opportunities to come for those who are prepared.

4. Blockchain is the Beginning of a Completely New Internet—a Decentralized World

Bitcoin is only one application of the blockchain. And the blockchain—well, the blockchain is going to recreate the entire Internet as we know it.

Over the next five to ten years, here's a list of things that may very well run on the blockchain instead of existing information architecture:

• Banking

• Credit cards and phone-to-phone payments

• Real estate and other transactions that require escrow

• Legal agreements, contracts, royalties and other simple legal procedures

• Entire corporations (Yes, I know it sounds like science fiction!)

• The World Wide Web

• The Internet of Things

• Autonomous vehicles and robots

• And lots, lots, lots more—potentially anything that requires any kind of digitized value transaction between human beings or machines.

Just like nearly every business in the world now either runs on the Internet or has incorporated the Internet into what it does in some way, the same will be true of blockchain. The implications are that big.

Does that sound like an opportunity to you?

5. Learning About Bitcoin and Blockchain is Fun, and Can Get You Really Excited About Money and Finance

Most of all, learning about blockchain technology is incredibly fun and empowering.

Not only do you get an advance view of the future, but you also get a hands-on education in finance. And that, right there, has the power to make you truly wealthy—because it can help educate you in the skills you need to make money no matter what's going on in the world around you.

You may already know a lot about personal finance, in which case Bitcoin and cryptocurrency could be a completely new asset class for you to investigate. And if this is just the beginning of your education in money and finance, be prepared to have a lot of fun and get really, really excited about a subject that many people avoid! Understanding personal finance, either through Bitcoin or otherwise, is a gateway to a tremendous sense of well-being and personal empowerment—and understanding Bitcoin is a great way to get started!

6. You're Going to Be Left Behind if You Don't!

As of the end of 2017, Bitcoin has well and fully entered mass awareness.

That means we are at the end of one era—the time when Bitcoin was still considered a fringe technology—and the beginning of a new one. The era in which Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency become mainstream—and start to change the world around us.

Those who are able to ride this wave will likely see some massive opportunities for profit. Those who do not—well, they'll be left by the wayside, scratching their head and wondering what could have been... should have been... but never was, because they didn't take the initiative.

The time to educate yourself is NOW. Don't wait—the bus is leaving the station as we speak!

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